As major reform of California’s initiative process nears its anniversary, the record is mixed

Ballot initiatives, the voters’ power to write laws on election day, are considered by many Californians to be a political birthright. But they have a love-hate relationship with propositions, which four years ago led to an overhaul that promised big improvements. “We’re taking an important step… from – Los Angeles Times Advertisements

She left toyland for candyland, finding a sweet spot with Sugarfina

Rosie O’Neill was a successful businesswoman at Mattel Inc. when she saw “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” on a 2010 third date with Josh Resnick. Two years later they had developed the core idea of Sugarfina, a business selling artisan candies from around the world for adults. from – Los Angeles Times

High earners need to watch out for Medicare surcharge

Dear Liz: When I retired at age 70, I anticipated receiving the maximum available Social Security benefit payment because I had paid in the maximum tax for my entire career. I did not anticipate the heavy hit my spouse and I would take in monthly income-adjusted Medicare “premiums.” (I say “tax”… from – Los… Continue reading High earners need to watch out for Medicare surcharge